A walk in and around Castelbuono in the Madonie Mountains

Castelbuono, Sicily

Castelbuono owes its origins to Ventimiglia, Lords of the County of Geraci, who, in early 1300, decided to build a castle on the dominating hill. A few kilometers from the sea, Castelbuono has grown at the foot of the Madonie Mountains in a pleasant valley inhabited in the Neolithic and rich of Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Arabic memories.
The Castle and St. Anne, patron saint of the country, will be the two pins of many events of Castelbuono, "capital" of Ventimiglia. In the fifteenth century the marquis short, powerful and cultured, welcomes artists from different cultures and considerable prestige as F. Laurana who will work at the Mausoleum of the family. Outside and inside the walls of churches and convents are born with the intervention of Lombard and Tuscan masters who also take care of the urban expansion of a settlement that, from a feudal city, will tend in the sixteenth century. to take the capital city features.
The city is home to one of Europe's oldest road running competitions: the Giro Podistico Internazionale Castelbuono was first held in the city in 1912 and is held annually.

  • Castelbuono, Sicily